Elbow Bump Apparel

What is Elbow Bump?

A lot has changed this year - and it's inevitable that more change is coming. COVID-19 has impacted our lives in a way we will never forget - our children will ask about the Pandemic Era, when the world ground to a halt for months on end and what we did during ‘The Lockdown’. Well, this is what we did…

We launched Elbow Bump - a clothing company with an emphasis on sustainably sourced, ethically produced garments. We only use organic cotton, and only trade with suppliers that pay employees fairly with reasonable working hours and conditions. All our designs are made with water-based transfers, so we don’t use any nasty chemicals in our products. Even our packaging is eco-friendly - our mailing bags are made from sugarcane grown on reclaimed wasteland, making them fully biodegradable and recyclable!

Welcome to the future of sustainable clothing - we are Elbow Bump. 


Charlie, Jack, Jamie x


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